Miami Youth Baseball League

Using the sport of Baseball to reach families for Jesus Christ

RBI February Mission

Reaching Beyond Innings – Making a Difference Beyond Baseball

As Christ served us, this league is serving our community. myblrbimissionsWith the help of our parents, we plan and organize mission opportunities to serve our community in different ways. We want our children to learn that the world is bigger than them and they are never too young to make a difference. From collections to helping underprivileged children, these are just some of the opportunities we are planning for this season.

For the month of February, we partnered with Kakes for Kids Florida, a non-profit that celebrates the birthdays of hundreds of foster and underprivileged children in South Florida. The reason for those in the orphanage vary from neglect, abuse, drug addiction, human trafficking and more. MYBL collected various items to give to these children as one of our teams and others from MYBL celebrated some of the children’s birthdays on February 14, 2015 at HIS HOUSE.

Some pictures of this amazing day below. If you are interested in participating this Saturday, March 14th, please contact us for more information.